About Me

Software Engineer (Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing)

Hello! I am Suhas Pai, oft referred to on the internets by my online moniker ‘piesauce’.

I am passionate about harnessing natural language processing technologies to help people understand each other better, as well as researching new techniques to facilitate it. My key research interests lie in privacy-preserving NLP, controlled text generation, and natural language understanding. More information about my work in NLP can be found on my Projects page.

I am also fascinated by machine learning in general and am particularly interested in understanding and developing neural network architectures that embody effective inductive biases. I also possess a keen interest in the ethical aspects of developing and deploying AI systems, like privacy, interpretability, and bias.

I am currently a CTO at Bedrock AI, where I work on interesting and challenging NLP problems. I am also a Steering Committee Member at two Toronto-based ML organizations - AISC (where I handle the NLP Stream) and TMLS (ML.Engineering). In a previous life, I worked in the field of information security at IBM Delft Lab, Netherlands.

I currently live in Toronto, which I think is the greatest city in the world. I previously lived in Amsterdam, which I thought back then was the greatest city in the world. Before that, I lived in Delft, NL, which I also thought was the greatest city in the world. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to cities.

I love to read, walk, eat, and write, not necessarily in that order. I nerd out on public transit, urbanism, board games, and election predictions. I am passionate about immigration and public transportation advocacy.